After Your Estimate

Information for after you have an estimate

Initial estimates are preliminary estimates only. Please be aware that prices may change if additional parts and/or labour are needed once repairs have started.

Booking an appointment

If going through insurance, we cannot book your vehicle in until we have an approved estimate back from your insurance company, so a wait time for this process is to be expected.

Filing a Police Report

Collisions over $2000.00 must be reported. Report a collision at the local Police Department or for rural collisions you must be reported it to the RCMP. You will be given a damage sticker that must be placed in your vehicle window. Vehicles with damages over $2000.00 must have a damage sticker in order to get any repairs done – this is a Provincial Law as per the Counsel of Motor Transportation for all Body Shops.

Contact you Insurance Company

If you have not already contacted your insurance company, contact them as soon as possible – this is for your protection. Your insurance company should give you a claim number, or they may send an appraiser from the company out to view your vehicle.

Loss of Use

If you are going through insurance, ask your insurance company if you have “Loss of Use” coverage. Loss of Use is when your insurance company pays for a rental vehicle for a certain number of days, typically while your vehicle is in for repairs. If you do have loss of use coverage, after an appointment has been made to get your vehicle in for repairs, contact the rental agency and make arrangements for a rental vehicle.


A deductible is a portion of an insurance claim that is not paid by your insurance company. You can find out deductible information on your insurance policy by contacting your insurance company. All deductibles must be paid before we can release the vehicle back to the owner after repairs are complete.


Betterment is extra work that may have to be done to your vehicle (wear on parts such as a windshield or tires) that is the customer’s responsibility to pay for. Betterment charges are added on to the deductible amount, if one exists and must also be paid prior to the vehicle being released.

Privacy Act

The privacy act provides federal government agencies and departments with guidelines for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information. Therefore no disclosure of your vehicle information, repairs, and personal information are to be given to third parties from the Auto Body Repair facility.